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Medavita: Lotion Concentree Super, (7 ml-12 fiale)
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7 ml-12 fiale
Exclusive patented formulation based on plant extracts, effective in fighting all causes of hair loss. An exclusive and unrivalled concentration of revitalising ingredients and growth factors: EFFECTIVELY FIGHTS HAIR LOSS OXYGENATES AND NOURISHES THE HAIR BULB REMOVES DEAD MATTER SUFFOCATING THE HAIR AT ITS ROOT The effectiveness of Lotion Concentrée has undergone severe clinical tests, always demonstrating exceptional results: > AFTER 6 WEEKS: reduction in hair loss in 80% of cases, reduced thinning in 70% of cases, 90% of participants satisfied with regrowth > AFTER 12 WEEKS: significant reduction in hair loss in 85% of subjects. Hair loss reduced to zero in 45% of cases.
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