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Medavita: Lotion Concentree, (6 ml-13 fiale)
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6 ml-13 fiale
A super-concentrated lotion with revitalising ingredients and growth factors, Lotion Concentrée Super is effective in fighting all causes of hair loss. The exclusive patented formulation based on plant extracts: EFFECTIVELY FIGHTS HAIR LOSS OXYGENATES AND NOURISHES THE HAIR BULB REMOVES DEAD MATTER SUFFOCATING THE HAIR AT ITS ROOT Many clinical studies conducted under medical supervision have demonstrated that Lotion Concentrée Super extends the life cycle of the hair and encourages strong, regular growth. The effectiveness of Lotion Concentrée Super has undergone severe clinical tests, always demonstrating exceptional results: > AFTER 6 WEEKS: reduction in hair loss in 80% of cases, reduced thinning in 70% of cases, 90% of participants satisfied with regrowth > AFTER 12 WEEKS: significant reduction in hair loss in 85% of subjects. Hair loss reduced to zero in 45% of cases. after using MedaVita Trattante Shampoo, apply Lotion Concentrée Super to your scalp, dividing hair into bunches massage in lightly with a circular motion do not rinse Lotion Concentrée Super contains the maximum dosage of active principles effective in revitalising the hair follicle metabolism. The properties of Lotion Concentrée Super derive from a combination of plant-derived, vasoactive, antioxidant, active ingredients (arnica, rosemary, aloe, calamus, myrrh) that: oxygenate and nourish the bulb, removing the dead matter that suffocates the hair at its root. Microcirculation in the scalp is increased and scalp tissue is rejuvenated; inhibit the action of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, responsible for androgenetic hairloss, thus rebalancing the metabolism of androgen hormones acting on the hair follicle; capture free radicals, preventing hair follicle ageing. Lotion Concentrée guarantees the structural integrity of DNA.
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